Why RMB?



-> RMB brings Rotarians back to one of the founding Rotarians’ main emphases: BUSINESS
NETWORKING; and strengthens our Vocational Lanes

-> RMB provides chances for expanded business and professional opportunities by bringing 
Rotarians together in a broader, cross-club social business-networking environment

-> RMB provides a structure to bring “business” back into Rotary in a way that supplements rather
than competes with the service and fellowship aspects of Rotary

-> RMB provides opportunities for qualified guests to experience the value of Rotary, learn more
about Rotary, and possibly become Rotarians

-> RMB supports member retention as Rotarians see the value added by Rotary and RMB

-> When we are able to provide opportunities to strengthen the businesses represented at Rotary, our
members will be stronger creating stronger clubs

-> With Stronger Rotary will be stronger, The Rotary Foundation is stronger, and therefore we are
able to do more to make our communities stronger


The strength we bring to our communities begins and ends with strong businesses working together guided by the 4 Way Test.




• The district could be broken down into North (Jacksonville and surrounding clubs), South (Daytona
and surrounding clubs), and West (Gainesville/Ocala and surrounding clubs)

• Each of the three Regions would have a monthly RMB meeting ideally rotating between clubs

• With approval the RMB Meeting would be an official Rotary Meeting and a make-up meeting

• Rotarians are encouraged to visit RMB meetings in other regions to expand their network and the
value of the RMB

• Ideally there will be one or more district wide RMB events per year, possibly including a hands-on
service project

• There would be no dues for the district RMB assuming sponsorship can be gained.

• There will be a meeting fee to cover the cost of the meeting

• Qualified quests are welcome but must be accompanied by a Rotarian

• Rotarians who have significant experience, influence, and connections are invited to participate as
“Power Connectors” within the Rotary community and beyond

• Per attendee cost is $?

• Rotarians are expected to pay for their guests

• “At the door” pricing higher or not allowed

• Up to 3 Meeting Sponsors will pay $?.00 to be promoted on meeting announcements, be provided a
table, and 3 minutes of speaking time at the event

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee will consist of:

  • RMB Champion
  • 3 Region RMB Champions
  • Secretary/Marketing (publishing meeting notices etc.)
  • Club Ambassadors
  • Other roles as defined by need and the steering committee

  • The Steering Committee Duties include:

  • Promote the programs via the district RMB website and other means
  • Act as ambassadors visiting local clubs to promote RMB and upcoming meetings
  • Work with the host club to prepare and conduct RMB meetings
  • Ensure expenses are reimbursed as determined by district process and policy

See RMB website www.RMB6970.org for more details


Rotary Means Business

5:30 Rotarians and Guests Arrive
-> Sign in at entry table (email needed only if we have not sent you an email notice)
-> Attendance fee (if allowed, pre-paid RSVP definitely preferred)
-> Name badges
-> Complete “Business Closed” slips from previous R2Rs and put in receptacle
-> General Networking until formal activities begin

5:45 Welcome by chair or host
-> Hosting club rings bell and calls the meeting to order and welcomes Rotarians and guests
-> Overview of RMB and purpose of this event
-> Draw 3 names for 3X3 talks (up to total of 6 if there are less than 3 sponsors)
-> Pertinent RMB business and upcoming meetings

5:50 R2R (Rotarian to Rotarian) Meeting Updates
-> Member RMB Success Stories and Thank-you
-> Chair suggests members schedule R2R meetings while here
-> Chair reminds attendees to fill in “Business Closed” forms

5:55 Introductions, approximately 50% of attendees (30 seconds max)
-> Name
-> Rotary club
-> Business
-> Slogan
-> Services or Unique Selling Proposition
-> Repeat name and Rotary club

6:05 Sponsor Craft Talks (3×3)

6:20 Introductions, remaining attendees (30 seconds max)

6:30 Rotarian Craft Talks (3×3)

6:40 Focused Networking
-> Bell ring every 5 minutes to remind members to circulate

7:25 Reminders
-> www.RotaryMeansBusiness.org
-> RMB6970.com
-> Networking is a process NOT an event – Remember to follow-up
-> Upcoming Meetings

7:30 Adjourn

NOTE: Introductions are based on a total of 40 people, which leaves 45 minutes for Focused
Networking. If the group is larger than 40 reduce the Focused Networking time. Even at total
attendance of 70 members there would still be 30 minutes of Focused Networking.


A host club to provide the following: 
• Commit to a date per the RMB district schedule
• An interesting venue for the event that will comfortably hold 35-50 people (standing)
• Decorations and signage at the venue (club banner and Four Way Test banner)
• President or president-elect of the host club to welcome everyone to your town/city & club
• The club bell, which the president or president-elect will ring to start & end the event
• Club makeup cards

Pre-meeting publicity
• Club newsletter, website, Facebook, distribute flyers, etc.
• Announcements at weekly meetings
• Directions to event site

Venue Requirements 
• Empty floor space large enough for 35-50 people to stand in a circle
• Convenient parking
• Quiet room

 • Sign in table with waste basket (with electrical access for computer)
• Food (near electrical outlets for food warmer if necessary)
• Beverage table
• Display (for brochures and sales information)
• Sponsor Tables
• Chairs around the room (not for sitting at during networking exercises)

• (Outdoors) Rotary meets here tonight (with Rotary wheel for identification as Rotary event)
• (Indoors) Directional signs as needed

Food/Beverage service set up – reimbursed by District RMB from meeting fees 
• Table clothes, Napkins, Cups (plastic or glass)
• Snacks, soft drinks and bottled water
• If food is being offered – Hot plates, plates/bowls, Forks, Knives, Spoons, Serving utensils
• Trash receptacles

Day of the event
• Ice, Refreshments
• Door prize(s) (optional)
• Cash box and change, Name tags, Marking Pens for name tags
• Put up signs

If your club wants to sponsor an event, email skbmorgan@gmail.com